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Dragonflies B

Welcome to the Dragonflies B class page.

Please find below information and resources to support your child with their learning. 


Our Value this half term is Thankfulness.

Autumn 1 2021

We will be discussing this during Collective Worship each week. It would be lovely if you could discuss this value with your child/children and think of examples when you or they have been thankful to others or when other people have shown thanks to them.

During this half term we will be learning the skills to:

Autumn 1 2021

English: Write a recount using past tense verbs (adding ‘ed’ to a verb) and time order words e.g. first, then, after, finally. We will also look at captions, labels and adjectives. Towards the end of the half term we will be sharing the story of Dogger by Shirley Hughes and us this as a basis to write our own story.

Maths: Understand and use numbers from 1-10, place value and addition and subtraction within 10 and using the part part whole model to show numbers to 10.

Science: Identify and name common animals and their structures and move onto to comparing these.

Art: Develop our observational drawing using different shading techniques such as stippling, shading and cross hatching.

Geography: Developing our geographical observational skills to look at our local area (Great Linford) and what features we have here, where it is in the world and creating maps.

RE: Discuss why Jesus is special to Christians.

PSHE: Discuss Relationships. This will include; what groups we are part of, listening to others, being kind, bullying and teasing, brilliant brains and making good choices.


Morning Rainbow Writing

We are trialing Rainbow Writing this year in replacement of weekly spelling tests. This is the technique of having several words each week that the children practice in different colours during morning task time before registration. The outcome will hopefully be children then use these words more frequently and independently in their independent writing.


At Home

It would be great if you could ask your child/children about their learning at school and continue their interests in these areas at home. We are always keen to share their learning from home that is linked to our learning in school.

How to say RWI Phase 2 and 3 sounds

Some children showing us how to say the phase 1 and 2 sounds from the RWI Phonics scheme.

Set 3 Speed Sounds with Rosie "a-e"

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Learning the alphabet - Phonics Song 2 (new ZED version)

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Learning to Counting by 2s

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Learning to count by 5s

It's a skip counting song by 5s. This is designed to help with early years numeracy and sight words for numbers. This song was written and performed by A.J. ...

Learning to count By Tens Song

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